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Breitling starliner

Since 1884, Breitling had been setting the standard for Swiss precision and technology, becoming an all important tool for aviators and adventurers alike whos time is of the essence. The prestige of owning one of their watches is such that every luxury watch aficionado worth their mettle should have at least one in their collection. For the women, this is equivalent to wearing a Breitling Starliner with its unidirectional bezel and the integrated bracelet blending seamlessly with the 30mm steel or 18k gold case. With minute markers on the rim and luminous hands, each Breitling Starliner emits an aura of sophistication and no-nonsense functionality. Under the sapphire crystal are the hours, minutes, seconds, and date displayed on a dial inlaid with diamonds and Roman Numerals. Utilizing a Quartz mechanism, the Breitling Starliner also has a remarkable water resistance of up to 100m.

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